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Commercial Security Systems


See Everything
Keep an eye on all of the important activity at your business.
With single site and multi-site viewing, and live-streaming and recorded video, it’s easy to monitor the key aspects of your
business when you can’t be there.

Intelligent Video Analysis

  • Seven IVA functions including facial recognition, intrusion detection, and directional movement detection.
  • Alarm email/sms notifications for motion detection and video loss.

Point of Sale Integration

  • Up to 32 Point of Sale connections supported.
  • Multi-channel POS playback.
  • Keyword recognition.

Central Management Monitoring System

  • Supports up to 256 remote view connections.
  • Video matrix function TV wall compatible with up to 24 monitors steaming 16 cameras each.
  • Remotely capable of live preview, playback, and backup
  • Multi-DVR live preview, playback, and backup for clients with multiple locations.
Mobile Video Surveillance
Security Cameras

Access Control

Mechanical key management is costly, insecure and a hassle. Upfront costs of replacing master keys, drilling out locks, updating all affected users’ keys, plus indirect costs like maintenance team productivity can be substantial.

  • Cost-saving maintenance of door components:
    • No hardware replacement when keys are lost.
    • Issue new keys that are personalized with specific access rights in an instant.
    • Reduce maintenance costs by having better control of important information like battery status transmitted via data-on-card technology (SVN) automatically to the management software.
    • An in-house operator can quickly and easily execute all access plan updates on the system — no need for an external ironmonger or locksmith who costs time and money.
  • Maximized ROI through buy-once philosophy.
  • Upfront investment is substantially less than with traditional wired access control solutions with their complex installation as well as hardware and ongoing software licensing models.
  • SALTO hardware is designed to cost effectively meet international wireless technology standards.
  • Insurance costs can be minimized thanks to the general security benefits of the SALTO system, and its EN, VdS and SKG*** rated hardware.
Security Automation Systems

Commercial Alarms

The easiest, most intuitive experience of any security system in the industry.


  • 7″ capacitive touchscreen – larger screen allows for larger buttons and controls; easier to see and use
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • One-touch arming – Arm button on home screen for one-touch arming
  • Capacitive-touch buttons – Home, Emergency
  • Dimensions:  8.9″ x 5.25″ x 1.25″ – thinnest 7″ all-in-one system on the market
  • 5-day weather forecast – get your workweek forecast in one glance
  • Firmware Updates
    Over-the-air – convenience of updating panel remotely to add new features and capabilities to the GC3 system
    USB – fast on-site updates to make sure the GC3 is up-to-date with the latest features


  • 100 Wireless Zones – 40% more zones that GC2 to add more protection to a residence; no all-in-one panel has more wireless zones
  • 2 Wired Zones
  • 32 Keyfobs – 8x more keyfobs than GC2
  • 4 Keypads
  • 2 Open Collector Outputs
  • Wired Bell Output – connect external siren
  • 100 Users
    More zones than Lynx Touch or Vivint SkyControl
    Give users a name, not just a number
    Assign individual schedules


  • User-replaceable cell radio with integrated antenna
  • Snap-in radio can be installed without opening the panel; requires no tools to install
  • 3G – AT&T or Rogers Network
  • CDMA – Verizon Network


Access control systems hold a wealth of data about a building and the occupants – who is onsite, where they are, and even where they are likely to be going. Knowing when an area is occupied and how many people are in a room, allows for tight integration with air conditioning, lighting and other building systems. Extend efficiency by using this data to make some intelligent decisions around how the building is run.


  • Configure lighting to come on progressively as staff arrive and turn off as they leave
  • Activate lighting in low occupancy areas (such as restrooms and storage areas) only when sensors detect motion
  • Adjust lighting levels based on current ambient light
  • Control lighting based on areas that employees onsite are allowed to access
  • Set lighting to adjust to full power when cleaners arrive in the evening to ensure good visibility
  • Turn on lighting when an intruder is detected to improve CCTV recording quality


  • Turn heating off over weekends and holidays for significant reduction in energy use and greater cost savings
  • Turn off non-essential items when the alarm is set at the end of the day, and on again when the alarm is deactivated
  • Configure HVAC systems to maintain a lower temperature when a building is unoccupied and increase to a comfortable temperature as people arrive for the day
  • Temperature sensors provide feedback to the system to deilver heating and cooling as needed
  • Turn off air conditioning when a window is opened, then back on when the window is closed.

Audio + Visual

Mobile Eyes provides and installs a wide range of enterprise level audio/video solutions that will bring that “Wow” factor to your space and brand.  From simple solutions to dynamic A/V integration Mobile Eyes can design a custom system to meet any unique requirements.


  • Conference room integration
  • Building wide paging with music
  • Projection systems with long distance HDMI signal output
  • Multiple screen integration
  • Television management software
  • Digital signage
  • Custom built projector screens
  • 3rd party integrated remote controls
  • Speakers
  • Outdoor audio and video


Structured cabling using quality cable from the leading manufacturers ensures that your business network infrastructure will optimize its speed and bandwidth determining how much data is transmitted quickly and reliably.


  • Patch panels
  • Enclosures
  • Rack systems
  • Wall jacks
  • Patch cords
  • Fiber connections
  • Splice enclosures
  • Adaptors
  • Fiber jumpers


  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6a
  • Coax
  • Fiber
  • Multi-Conductor
  • Composite