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Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, transmitting video and sounds audio signals to a wireless receiver via a radio band. The most popular wireless security cameras/systems require at minimum 1 cable wire for power. “Wireless” refers to video/audio transmissions.

The most common types of Security Cameras and their uses…
  • Box Camera.
  • Dome Camera.
  • PTZ Camera.
  • Bullet Camera.
  • IP Camera.
  • Day/Night Camera.
  • Thermal (FLIR) Camera.
  • Wide Dynamic Camera.
  • and more…

Security CamerasTypes of security cameras available and the differences between them?

There is a wide variety of advanced security camera systems that you can customize to build a complete commercial surveillance system (or residential security system) to fit your business’s or home’s specific security requirements. Hire us to customize a security system that fits your business, home and lifestyle today (210) 646-1080 Hablamos Español! Or continue reading about the different security systems we offer.

Video and wireless technology today has made full color, full motion, high resolution video standard among most security system providers and installers. You set up complete a video surveillance system throughout your business or home, but now can choose from a variety of types of security cameras designed specifically to deliver performance with either your indoor or outdoor configuration. Well lighted conditions or with night vision, with remote monitoring, you’ll control either from your smart phone, tablet, desktop, and/or laptop.


Indoor Cameras, wider view means greater security, simple.

All security cameras usually offer a wide field of view, more than what standard cameras offer, but the “dome cameras” most popularly used by the top security companies, take this further. Full 360-degree coverage, single security camera can monitor and secure an entire area. Another extreme, “fixed lens” cameras give you the added ability to permanently focus on specific areas, perfect for the high-quality video imagery of places mattering most.


Outdoor Cameras, long-lasting enclosures and components worth the added cost, long-term.

Outdoor cameras, a more durable and weather proof enclosures, include components developed to capture video of wider exteriors and fullfill the full range need of outdoor lighting conditions. Many options offered by indoor security cameras (includes: pan, tilt, Infrared night vision, motion detection, wireless connectivity, etc.), you will give your yard and neighborhood the same level of security protection as the interior of your residential home.


Motion Detector Cameras, don’t let the bad guy make the first move!

Motion detector cameras use motion detection and combine it with a typical security camera, delivering a camera that patiently waits for the intruder’s moments before transmitting or video recording activity. Saving you countless hours of DVR storage and DVR space while adding an additional level of protection, alerting you only when sensing suspicious activity.


Adjustable Cameras, a great addition for that unmatched security system!

For unmatched security control and view coverage, your security system should include adjustable security cameras, no question about it! With motor-driven actuators, these security cameras can be configured to move automatically capturing wider fields of view, greater perspective, than a typical fixed security camera system. Plus, most of these security cameras offer a remote pan, tilt and zoom control as an added bonus! You can really look around your area in which you’d like to secure and focus on what is most important at that moment in time.


Wireless Technology, no matter how remote or difficult the location, we have a security system that will secure it, guaranteed!

Wireless cameras, a necessity for anyone serious about video surveillance. A wireless security system is a great security solution for when a security camera is needed somewhere that hardwiring is difficult. Most of the top security installers/providers offer complete packages of wireless security systems. You can find wireless versions of all varieties of security cameras; indoor, outdoor, fixed, motion-sensing and whole lot more that will be sure to complicate your decision. When you hire us, we know what’s out there being used by the top industries to secure their assets, basically you get insider’s information and our extensive experience working for your business or home.


Security Cameras with Complete Security Systems

Security cameras only play a small role in the overall security, video surveillance system. Integrating live security camera feeds into your security system, security company providers normally offer several types of devices that offer you flexible video viewing and video recording features. More than one camera linked up to your security system will have you switching between video feeds or utilizing a video splitter for multiple feed viewing simultaneously. A duplicator addition to the security system lets multiple people monitor the camera’s feeds any time night or day. Some security company providers will offer DVRs optimized specifically for security system cameras, fully configurable to store/record and many feeds needed.

When it comes to the overall number of that types of security cameras, types of security systems, options, features, etc… it is overwhelming and many clients end up wasting thousands before walking through our door. At Mobile Eyes Texas, when you hire us, we know what security systems are out there being used to secure the assets of top industries, businesses and other entities. Basically, you get insider’s information and our extensive experience working for you, saving you the hassle of researching what we already know is the best security system for your unique situation. CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION! (210) 646-1080 Hablamos Español!

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Security Cameras